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Ben & Chang

Boutique Investments

Ben & Chang is a boutique investments office, with a focus on transportation, oil & gas and green energy companies and projects in Central European, African and Far Eastern Countries.

About Us

Who are we?
Founded in Early 2015, and owned by leading figures from the transportation field, Ben & Chang is located in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Since its establishment, the company has been working tirelessly to locate promising investment opportunities for its international investor community, with an emphasis on investments in companies in the fields of transportation, oil & gas and renewable energy.

Ben & Chang's team of professionals, including leading investment experts, combines in-depth understanding of the field of international investments, uncompromising service and motivation to yield significant profits for the company's investors for years to come.

The company's investors, including private and institutional investors, are the most important asset of Ben & Chang, and as such receive personal attention, from the beginning of the investment process to its successful and yielding completion. 

Our commitment

Ben & Chang is committed to bring its worldwide investors with attractive and high return potential investment opportunities.
Regardless of the size of the investment, Ben & Chang is committed to provide the highest level of service and high yield ROIs to each and every client.  

Our investments

Ben & Chang focuses its investments in the realms of transportation, oil & gas and green energy enterprises in Central Europe, Africa and the Far East.
The company's professional team is on constant search for potentially high-yield investments, mainly in technology-intensive ventures with potential contribution to the quality of life worldwide.
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Our Investments

Being a leading investment firm, Ben & Chang's team of experts is deeply involved in every investment venture, big or small.

The company's investment experts feel enormous responsibility for its investors. Therefore, we thoroughly examine every potential investment, starting by market research, continuing with profitability studies through to comprehensive review of the people behind the prospect investment.

As part of our responsibility towards our clients, we are careful to select investment with solid risks, which will give investors high-yield profits over a long period of time.


Ben & Chang lion's share of investments focus on transportation, oil & gas and green energy ventures in Central European, African and Far Eastern Countries.

Amongst those investments are:
• Technology-focused projects
• Well based transportation solution companies
• Early stage renewable energy start-up companies
• Advanced energy solution companies 


Ben & Chang has developed, since its establishment, an orderly and innovative work process with regard to investments it makes in the international market.
Each of the work methods and methodologies included in Ben & Chang's investment process is innovative and has been developed exclusively by the company's international investment experts.
The company's basic investment process includes:
• Market research
• Profitability study
• Investment planning
• Potential investment search
• Thorough due diligence
• Investment selection
Investment management and on-going monitoring
The company is committed to being fully transparent with its investors and placing their success on top of its agenda. 

Investor Access

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Contact Us

Ben & Chang Boutique Investments 
We look forward to hearing from you. You are invited to contact us at
Adress: Hertensteinstrasse 51, 6004 Lucerne, Switzerland.

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